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After Columbus’s “discovery” of the Americas, the Atlantic Ocean ceased to be a barrier separating two isolated worlds and became a highway that connected two ends of a larger geographic unit. Columbus and his crew were followed by millions of travelers who, voluntarily or not, traversed the Atlantic either to settle permanently in the Americas or as part of itinerant trajectories that took them from one side of the Atlantic to the other many times throughout their lives. This online exhibit presents and analyzes the Atlantic trajectories of conquistadors, pirates, slaves, businessmen, loyalist refugees, black sailors, healers, military adventurers, and women whose Atlantic crossings contributed to the creation of an Atlantic World.

Those whose lives appear in this website allow us to analyze key themes in Atlantic history including the conquest and settlement of the Americas (and the politics behind both terms), piracy, gender and society, the transatlantic slave trade and the creation of African diasporas, seafaring, and revolutionary ideologies, movements, and transformations. While in many ways exceptional and unrepresentative, their lives, as James Sweet put it in his study of Domingos Álvares, open "windows onto broader sets of human experiences that defined the Atlantic world."


In this site you will find what came out of our readings, weekly discussions, and individual research during the spring semester of 2020, a term that will never be forgotten.


Thank you for joining us in the exploration of the lives of these Atlantic travelers. Enjoy your navigation!

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